Coming Up For Air

I haven’t been posting much lately. That will come as no surprise to anyone who’s seen the dates on my last several entries. The good news is, I haven’t been posting because I’ve been exceedingly busy. The bad news is, I can’t talk much about what I’ve actually been doing; I’ve been writing for several video games (yes, for companies you’ve heard of) and consulting on several others, but none of the particulars are ready to be announced.

One thing I can announce, however, is my first novel: Star Wars: Battlefront: Twilight Company was unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration convention and is scheduled for release by Del Rey in November 2015.

Battlefront Game ArtBattlefront game art from; no cover yet available for the book

The book is, of course, part of the Star Wars franchise. While it’s connected to the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront video game, it’s an original story and not a novelization–it’ll hopefully satisfy both rabid Battlefront fans and non-gamers alike. (There’s a long tradition of Star Wars novels that link to video games without retelling their stories; it’s not a bad tradition to be a part of.)

I can’t reveal many other details at this point. As mentioned at Celebration, the book focuses on front line soldiers in the Rebel Alliance, but it’s too early to talk specifics about characters and plot and theme. Nonetheless, folks who’ve enjoyed my approach to the Star Wars universe before should, I think, enjoy Twilight Company. If there’s interest, I may do a post on specific literary antecedents and military science fiction generally down the line.

Of course, just because a project is announced doesn’t mean life’s less busy for me, so it’s back to the grindstone for now. Expect a trickle of additional announcements as time goes on. I’ve also got a number of new game writing articles outlined, ready to be written, polished, and posted (likely both here and over at Gamasutra); suggestions for topics for future game writing articles, however, are always welcome.