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Yes, You Have To Write a Game Plot Summary; and Yes, It Has To Be Good

Some days we discuss high-level theory. Some days we get our hands dirty with realities of the business. If you’re working on an overall story document for your team’s game and you’re not sure how to approach it, here’s some advice.

No one likes writing plot summaries. If you have a story that can support a game–a story designed for a multi-hour, interactive experience–of course it’ll be painful to reduce it to a handful of pages. On top of that, a plot summary needs to be engaging to read, be clear and thorough enough not to logically fall apart on examination (so no handwaving how protagonists get from Point A to Point B), and–for most plot summaries in the video game world–contain enough meat to allow artists, cinematic designers, level designers, and so forth to intelligently respond with their own concerns and plans. Continue reading

What Editors Do

Not all editors do all the things below. This isn’t an all-inclusive list. (I’m not even touching line- and copyediting.) But it’s a start.

Patricia C. Wrede has a lovely post touching on some of this as well. Patricia C. Wrede covers pretty much every important writing topic on her blog, and frankly, your time is better spent over there than over here.

Nonetheless… Continue reading