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The Imperial Agent, Inspiration, and Science-Fiction Espionage (Part 2)

Following up on part one, this post contains is a list of science-fiction espionage works I found particularly useful while working on the Imperial Agent. This is by no means an exhaustive inventory of influences (even disregarding non-science-fiction and nonfiction works–and there are plenty of both I could list); it’s simply a rundown of some of the most prominent ones. If you enjoyed the Imperial Agent and the descriptions below pique your interest, consider seeking these works out! Continue reading

The Imperial Agent, Inspiration, and Science-Fiction Espionage (Part 1)

I wrote the Imperial agent for Star Wars: The Old Republic because nobody else wanted it.

That’s not actually true, of course. There were other writers who were interested and willing to take on the task. But as it happened, they were more interested in other classes while I was most interested in the odd duck of the lot–the one class that didn’t correspond in a neat, one-for-one fashion with a classic Star Wars archetype. Continue reading